Saturday, September 27, 2003

New Site 

LatinoPundit will be posting here.

Friday, September 26, 2003

No posts today 

No posts today as my employment is unusually demanding today.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Greater cancer risk for Latinos 

Well this is not good news:

"The American Cancer Society report released in the Bronx yesterday says Latinos are hit harder by stomach, liver and cervical cancers and are less likely to take preventive measures, such as screenings."

My first thought was that this was probably due to fears and lathargicy. And not a genetic inclination. Confirmation:

"Fear keeps a lot of people away," said Dr.... "There needs to be education that early detection is critical for a cure."


If you type in, or click: loungelatino.com, you can preview my new site. But, it is only a preview, and not a permanent link. So, stand by for the permy.

Phone Call 

I have not seen this on any blogs as of yet. On September 29, Howard Dean will make a conference call to whoever is listening:

On Monday night, September 29, Howard Dean will try to establish the world record for the largest conference call in world history. Howard Dean will get on the phone with thousands of supporters in every state.

See: "House Call."

Not only will this be a world record if pulled off. But, might even be the world record for the largest telephone bill for a single call. Keep those donations rolling in.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Survey Says... 

"Forget Latin lovers -- horny Hungarians are now the most active between the sheets, leading a charge of eastern Europeans in the global sex charts. "
Via Trish Wilson's Blog.

Searchinfg For "Umf." 

I don't know. I am not crazy about my first draft for a new web page: LatinoPundit.
I did like it but, it just does not have that "umf," to it. I really liked the banner when I first did it...now it is...ehhh, okay. No "umf." I have to revist it and give it more thought.

Democratics stand on Gay Marriage 

Gay marriage bill pushed.

No comment.

"A nationwide Gallup Poll in June showed that just 39% of Americans support legalizing gay marriage."

Again, no comment...

However...no better not...no comment...

Undocumented Immigrants on the road 

"There has been a great deal of angry debate over the new law signed by California's governor allowing undocumented immigrants in that state the right to have drivers' licenses. But in 14 other states, that is merely the status quo.

The laws in North Carolina, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and 10 other states allow undocumented immigrants to have access to drivers' licenses, although some of the states have begun tightening up those rules, according to a report in WorldNetDaily.com, an online news service with a conservative bent. "

We all knew
this but, it is news in California because, Davis wanted to crank up his votes.

PNS: Blacks Edge Out Latinos in Unemployment 

PNS: Blacks Edge Out Latinos in Unemployment Education is everything. I am actually surprised at this. Not specifically the results but, the fact that there is such data being collected.

Big bad Duke 

Now this just is not right.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Because I work in IT, some days can be classified not as a day at the office but, a night at the office. For obvious reasons I took the express bus instead of the train-any later, it would have been a cab.

While coming up toward Spanish Harlem, I began to wonder about my blog.: "Would I reach the Latino community the way I intend to? Wil I represent the Latino mind to the blogosphere correctly?"

That is when I saw it. On the corner of 110 St., and 3rd Ave., a "Vote For Howard Dean," poster in somebody's window. Up until now I have only encountered Howard Dean on the web. This small poster gave me the chance to reflect on how far the internet can reach and influence us.

I felt a connection. In a millisecond I thought whoever this person may be they read what I read, thought what I thought, and now believes what I believe. They put that poster in the window as if to say "look everyone this is who I am." Why wouldn't I find like minded individuals? After all, they are out there looking for me.

Monday, September 22, 2003


It is interesting to see that Latino issues here in USA, have reverbrated to other countires namely, Switzerland. Further, it is even more interesting that issues of race were also included with such news:

While the Latino troops say they are proud to have toppled Saddam, they do not show the unflinching patriotism to the United States of their
non-Latino comrades. Whether born and raised abroad or in the United States, many say they do not consider themselves American.

I find this statement troubleing. We are Americans, United States Americans. We are also Latin Americans or, Hispanic Americans-whatever floats your boat. I will write more on this subject as per my previous post.

Identity Blogs 

There is a whole mess of Blogs proliferating in the Blogosphere that is taking up the subject of what it means to be black, and what it means to be white. Socialology is the direction of the conversation and not the biology of race. I am not hearing what needs to be said though on the part of "black," and "brown," bloggers. They are at the door but, are not taking the next step. As time is my restraint at the current moment I cannot write about this thought at the moment. I will have to write it tonight. For those who are not familiar with the subject check here at P6, for a list of links on the subject.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

No updates for today. Engagements and activities have kept me away from the computer for most of the day.

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