Saturday, September 13, 2003

"Here I am." 

Another lone "brown blogger," cries out to the vast internet for
latino bloggers.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Davis may have caused more problems than good. 

"Governor Davis facing a recall election on October 7th, apparently decided this election was not about collecting funds from special interests, but rather about getting votes – so acting like a good politician should – he signed into law SB 60 that he had twice previously vetoed. SB 60 will allow, beginning on January 1, 2004, non-documented or illegal immigrants the right to apply for a California driver’s license or California ID card.

Part of the problem is that a driver’s license or even a state ID card has gone far beyond the initial intent of such documents. Originally, a driver’s license was simply that – a permit to operate a motor vehicle on streets and highways. Not having a national ID card for other purposes, the driver’s license has become a de facto national ID document.


Latino fest in Oxford tonight 

Latino's? Ohio? Who knew?More...

Latino political power could be key to recall | csmonitor.com 

Latino's could hold key to California .recall.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

L A T I N O B I N G O !!! 

New-live-interactive-televised-exciting bingo. Pass the picante. How about Latino Wheel Of Fortune?

Latinos pay high price for being Largest Minority Group 

US government sees Latinos as easy pickings for recruitment in military ranks to help fight terrorism-even non citizens! Full Story. Who said there wouldn't be a high price to pay for being the largest minority group?

DesMoinesRegister.com | News 

Now this is upsetting and horific:DesMoinesRegister.com | News

Latino Women in Senate Panel 

Two latino women sworn in on senate panel that advises Gov. Ed Rendell.York Dispatch Online - LOCAL NEWS

Latino Voters In Favor Of Recall 

California: Latino voters are not impressed with Davis' signing of a Bill to let immigrant Latino's apply for a drivers liscence and are in favor of a recall for Davis poll shows. Vice president of the EL Latino newspaper states that Gov. Gray Davis is only looking for Latino support. Read More here:TheSanDiegoChannel.com

US Language Barrier 

LatinoForum sites article that states that Latinos feel language is the great barrier to equality in United States. Read full story:q u e p a s a . c o m. I hate to say it but, the onus falls on us. Here is the scenario: You go to live in a foreign country. You need to eat, sleep, and provide for yourself and your family. Wouldn't you make it a priority to learn this countries language, laws, and customs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


We soon will be moving off Blogspot, to www.latinopundit.com sometime next week.

Update: Google Search: latino blog 

Google Search: latino blog Someone out there is watching because I just posted this yesterday and stated how "Howard Dean," came up as the first entry for this search. Today it is Latino Forum Blog.
No, realistically I put the search string in and then clicked the latino forum "hit," one or two times more than the Dean, site. That folks has bumped them up. Seems like there are not too many "latino + blog," searches going on.

Latino Forum: Hispanic America: The Last 100 Years 

Latino Forum sites article that acknowledges Hispanic cultures influence in Southeast and Southwest of the United States before the English or the Pilgrims arrived. Read original article here.

Latino's comments upset group 

I came across a news article in Mississippia about an upset support group against a Bishop's statement. The Bishop's last name is "Latino." Now look at the title again. That is what I first thought.

An Open Letter to Black Americans from Latinos 

This article addresses Latinos and advises them that because we are now the largest minority group we still shouldn't forget that we have a long way ahead of us.
Also, it suggests that these new "minority popluation statistics," pits Browns against Blacks, Latinos against Blacks and we should guard against such competitive feelings and realize that all minority groups are in the same struggle for equality. It warns agains the "divide and conquer," technique and cites a historical example. Hmmm.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Upon searching Google, for "latino + blog," the results that were returned were lacking and disheartening.

The first site that comes up is Howard Dean's, "Blog For America."  Which points to an entry called "Latino Outreach," written by a Latina intern and her role in getting Howard Dean's presidential candidacy message to the Latino community. That is well and fine but, it is discerning that Google's 1st, entry has nothing to do with solely Latino issues.

The next Google listing is an entry from racerelations at about.com.  The Google listing points to the "Hispanic vs. Latino," debate (which is very interesting, and I will sure to write about on another date).  But, going to the site you are confronted with a list of blog archives about a wide range of issues concerning well, race.  Interesting read, but again not soley dedicated to Latino's.

The thrid entry is an entry about botanicas, and talks about the experience of herbs, powders, potions, and practices out of the Santeria belief.

The next two Google listings are Howard Dean again, and after that is a the LatinoForum.com, which does discuss Latino issues as the author merits. Two thumbs up!

After that a "war" blog. No, the "number one "war," blog according to Fobes magazine, which is written by a Latino.

Then after that is Fargoboy?  A personal web blog.    <Sigh>

I don't know. It seems to me that the echoes of Latino underrepresentation are everywhere: "..., the largest minority group in the country is still underrepresented in the U.S. news and entertainment media...."

There are not enough Latino bloggers out there...there are not enough Latino voices.  The internet needs"a little picante".

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