Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Because I work in IT, some days can be classified not as a day at the office but, a night at the office. For obvious reasons I took the express bus instead of the train-any later, it would have been a cab.

While coming up toward Spanish Harlem, I began to wonder about my blog.: "Would I reach the Latino community the way I intend to? Wil I represent the Latino mind to the blogosphere correctly?"

That is when I saw it. On the corner of 110 St., and 3rd Ave., a "Vote For Howard Dean," poster in somebody's window. Up until now I have only encountered Howard Dean on the web. This small poster gave me the chance to reflect on how far the internet can reach and influence us.

I felt a connection. In a millisecond I thought whoever this person may be they read what I read, thought what I thought, and now believes what I believe. They put that poster in the window as if to say "look everyone this is who I am." Why wouldn't I find like minded individuals? After all, they are out there looking for me.

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