Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Upon searching Google, for "latino + blog," the results that were returned were lacking and disheartening.

The first site that comes up is Howard Dean's, "Blog For America."  Which points to an entry called "Latino Outreach," written by a Latina intern and her role in getting Howard Dean's presidential candidacy message to the Latino community. That is well and fine but, it is discerning that Google's 1st, entry has nothing to do with solely Latino issues.

The next Google listing is an entry from racerelations at about.com.  The Google listing points to the "Hispanic vs. Latino," debate (which is very interesting, and I will sure to write about on another date).  But, going to the site you are confronted with a list of blog archives about a wide range of issues concerning well, race.  Interesting read, but again not soley dedicated to Latino's.

The thrid entry is an entry about botanicas, and talks about the experience of herbs, powders, potions, and practices out of the Santeria belief.

The next two Google listings are Howard Dean again, and after that is a the LatinoForum.com, which does discuss Latino issues as the author merits. Two thumbs up!

After that a "war" blog. No, the "number one "war," blog according to Fobes magazine, which is written by a Latino.

Then after that is Fargoboy?  A personal web blog.    <Sigh>

I don't know. It seems to me that the echoes of Latino underrepresentation are everywhere: "..., the largest minority group in the country is still underrepresented in the U.S. news and entertainment media...."

There are not enough Latino bloggers out there...there are not enough Latino voices.  The internet needs"a little picante".

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