Sunday, September 14, 2003

Liberal Bias or Op Page's Rear End? 

Being that the media exposes political figures, actors and actresses, and anyone else who holds the spotlight, the question this NY Daily News Op page asks is why isn't California's Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustanmante's ties to MEChA being questioned? He states: "The Los Angeles Times, ever willing to protect readers from the news, tip-toed around the story for two weeks, then ran an article Saturday, when almost nobody reads the paper." Ok, is he implying that nobody reads in LA? Or that the paper really sucks? (C'mon, I had to have fun with that one.)

Another blogger labels this as "Liberal Bias."

The Links
I don't know maybe these guys haven't read this, this, or this.

My original reservations toward blogging were its inherited Op page roots. After all, we all heard the expression that opinions are like asses-everyone has one! Although our commentaries are about truth however, it is our interpretation of that truth that makes our opinions. Aye...but, I digress.

Getting back to point, it is amazing of how ignorant we can be but, I have to call foul when a figure in the media can put his opinion, his commentary out there and not base it on fact but, on misinformation. End result is that other ignorants will read this Op page and say "hey, that is unfair...it was never covered...", when it is was. I have to cry: "misrepresentation!"

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